Homemade MeatLoaf Upgrade! :)

As you’ll notice, there are a couple of different ingredients in this Homemade MeatLoaf compared to my previous creation! If you click on the link, you’ll realize back then I used frozen peas and corn as sources of fibre but this time round I’ve decided to change that! I’m using fresh maize on a cob, sweet potatoes and carrots! I’ve also decided to use a mix of cheddar (I previously used just one type), along with pork and beef (same) and canned tomatoes (also same). Contrary to popular belief, canned tomatoes are really yummy! They’re packed when they’re at their ripest, so you really get the best :) Convenient yet tasty! Okay I’ll get down to it ;)

All the chopped veggies! I really don’t like the little stringy stuff you have to pull off a cob of corn! It’s so hard to get rid of all of it! It does smell heavenly though, hehe. So sweet!

Add the minced meat!

And the cheese! Mmm. Oh yes, if your dog is allergic to cheese feel free to omit this. Cheese is more of a little treat :)

Mix it all together and placed it in a baking tray.

The one I picked was about 2 inches thick :)

After baking for about an hour at 180 degrees, this is what you get! Notice how there’s a portion of soup surrounding the MeatLoaf? Just leave it to rest and wait for it to absorb! This helps the MeatLoaf stay juicy!

15 minutes later, all absorbed! :) I sneaked a bite after this, hehe.

Cut into sizes you think is suitable for your little one’s consumption and put it straight into the fridge/freezer if you made a big batch :)

If you do try out this recipe, drop me an email and let me know how it goes! I’ll be posting new recipes soon! :) Enjoy!

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Piglets of a Furry Kind

When you prepare Homemade MeatLoaf Version 2.0, this is what happens:

Guilty as charged: Sebastian the Daschund

Ekko the Pug

Skotch the Chihuahua

Hoovy the Pomeranian

Hehe :D

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Porky Cookies!

Ingredients include: Flour, Minced Pork, Bacon (I only used two very skinny pieces of streaky bacon), an Egg, Milk, Garlic Powder/Salt (just 1/2 teaspoon).

Organic Whole Wheat Flour :) I’m very particular about what goes into the food I prepare for dogs, I try to use the best as long as I can get my hands on the right ingredients. I wouldn’t normally use something as fatty, oily and salty as bacon but since it was a dog biscuit (treat), I figured a tiny, tiny amount would be okay :)

Just before mixing all the ingredients together!

After all that kneading you get a nice round dough to work with! Honestly, I am NOT a fan of kneading haha. I really don’t like the smell of everything getting stuck on my fingers but I have to admit that it’s always the last thing on my mind when I see the final product :)

Roll the dough out to about half an inch thick. You can vary this of course, just alter the baking time :)

Hehe, heart-shaped cookies!

Mmm… Baking away!

Final product :)

If your dog is allergic to any of the above ingredients or can’t have them to due to weight/dietary issues, feel free to mix it up! Whole milk can be substituted with skim milk, pork can be substituted with chicken/fish, egg isn’t even a necessity! It’s all about having fun! Trust me, when I first started cooking for dogs, it was quite a disaster. I think half of what I made went into the bin, haha. Persistence pays off, just remember to enjoy the process of cooking! ;)

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New recipe! A Steaming Sensation, hehe

As you know, I love cooking and preparing healthy, fresh foods for dogs is one of my hobbies! This recipe was actually inspired by one of our furry clients, Gus! Hehe. Yes, I’m sure you remember him. Cute little boy with the smiley face!

Anyway, here we go!

First up: Organic brown rice :) White rice is fine too but of course we all know brown rice is better and doggies deserve the best! I personally don’t eat brown rice, I tend to shy away from healthy, organic stuff. Haha. The dogs LOVE it though!

Rinse the rice twice and cook in a rice cooker! Simple, hehe. I use 2 cups water to 1 cup rice (yes slightly more than regular white rice) because brown rice tends to need more water to get soft.

Fresh carrots!

Sweet potatoes and carrots having their skins removed!

To this chopped up mix of sweet potatoes and carrots, we add chicken fillets and good, lean cuts of pork. I really don’t like giving the doggies things with too much fat in them. Just like humans, fat from meats (aside from fish) is really bad! The steaming process then begins!

The meat is shredded :)

And the veggies are mashed!

TADAH!!! If you notice the different sized containers it’s because different portions of meat to veggies and rice are used for dogs with different dietary needs. Young dogs require more protein whereas older dogs don’t, for example :)

A close-up! Hehe.

The dogs absolutely love it!!! Just note, NO salt, NO butter and NO seasoning of any sort was used to prepare this. Dogs don’t need that. As long as the ingredients are fresh, they’ll consume it very happily :) More recipes soon! :)

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Homemade Meat Loaf!

A healthy mix of beef, pork and fresh veggies that’s steamed to perfection then thrown into the oven with a homemade cream sauce and a tiny bit of cheese! It drives the little doggies wild!!

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